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So What’s This About?

Lord willing, and the crik don’t rise, I hope that this will be a new weekly feature here at Mablog. At lot is going on around here, and it is sometimes easy to assume that everyone knows about what everyone actually does not know about. So everything else being equal, every Thursday morning look for some sort of curated “round up” of links, videos, publications, or other events.

Same-Sex Mirage

My newest book.

douglas wilson - canon press - same sex mirage bookObergefell v. Hodges was a wonderful decision — in that it’s now forcing every Christian to decide whether their allegiance is to the Supreme Court or to the Supreme Being. In every other way, it was terrible.

Same-Sex Mirage starts with the fundamentals of marriage and then traces the effects of this foundational institution in every area of life. Is marriage a private matter — an agreement before God alone? Or is it public — a matter for legislation? Obergefell was a disaster for our nation. And, as with every disaster, the biggest benefit is in understanding how we Christians ignored all warnings and let it happen.

Being Christian

My father, Jim Wilson, offers practical wisdom on living the Christian life.

jim wilson - canon press - book - being christianBeing Christian has St. Paul’s ambitious goal: to present every person perfect in Christ. With that in mind, this wide-ranging devotional is full of strong texts and short teaching, all organized into bite-size readings. You will find applicable wisdom on every page, as Being Christian is the product of Jim Wilson’s practical advice and scriptural meditation over the past thirty-five years. Throughout every chapter you will read a huge variety of powerful, concentrated Scriptures, covering fundamental topics like prayer, evangelism, everyday holiness, joy, love, family, and (of course) what it means to be a Christian.
“Strong teaching makes strong Christians. And it makes soft-hearted, tender, loving Christians. But soft teaching makes hard, callused Christians. Soft teaching is for people who have itching ears. They do not wish to have their lives interfered with.”

Sermon: Authority & Power

“The reason the unbelieving world does not believe that Jesus is Lord of heaven and earth is because the Christian church doesn’t believe that Jesus is Lord of the nations.”

Singing for Eileen

Daniel Foucachon, from Roman Roads Media, kindly filmed a recent impromptu singing gathering of the saints of Christ Church. Eileen Lawyer has recently passed on to glory, after a battle with cancer. As she was unable to come to church, we brought the church to her. It was quite glorious.

Greyfriars Hall Interview

We recently did a series of interviews regarding the pastoral training program, Greyfriars Hall, which is run by Christ Church. Head over to to watch them all. In this interview we discuss: What a Preacher Oughta Preach!

N.D. Wilson

My son, Nate, was recently interviewed regarding his new book series “Outlaws of Time“.

Quote from CS Lewis
cs lewis - douglas wilson - quote june 2016

Civil War, Culture War, and the Cross

Pastor Toby Sumpter’s most recent blog has some wonderful insights into how the cross of Jesus is the only solution to mending the woes of our nation and culture.

Christ Church on Facebook

Christ Church is posting more content, more regularly. Do us a favor and like our page, and we’ll do you a favor by offering some great links, articles, sermons, etc.

6 Theses on Online Writing and Civility

Jake Meador, over at, offers a rather thorough survey of how online writing and interactions should, ideally, function. Should is the operative word there.

Portrait Of William Tyndale Begins Crying Blood After Release Of ‘Emoji Bible’

And for a good chuckle, a great Babylon Bee article.

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Kevin Bratcher
7 years ago

Unrelated question:

Are you aware that keeps getting flagged as “having malicious software”?
I keep trying to go there to watch sermons and my browser blocks the site.

7 years ago

Awesome! I love a good round up, with cows and horses and perhaps a campfire, too.

7 years ago

Doug, could a link to your Grace and Peace posts as you work through Revelation be posted on these weekly updates?

7 years ago

Doug, I’d like to hear your comments re: Goligher and Trueman’s dust up on Jesus’ submission to the Father.

Rob Steele
Rob Steele
7 years ago

So, “crik”. There is some dispute but a quick googling turns up evidence that the expression originally referred not to a stream of water but to Creek Indians. It sort of adds drama, don’t you think? Here’s an example.