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Baa-hahaha! So appropriate, and I’m sure the owner of the foot is glad to have the other 4 little piggies intact.

Nathan Smith

Reminds me of a song – Roast Beef by Andy Gullahorn. For any who are interested in extended wordplay set to music.


Ha! :)

Roy Gilmore
Roy Gilmore

Thanks Doug, I have been enjoying the blog for about a year and finally put in my two cents worth on the topic of tattoos. I really liked the picture you posted of Dunseverick castle ruins after your trip to Ireland, and hope you got to see Dunluce castle just a few miles up the Antrim coast road.
Anyway God Bless you and all who post here.
Isn’t this fun……

D. D. Douglas
D. D. Douglas

Backson ?

Andrew Lohr

OK. None of the 7 reasons amounts to a binding universal law, tho each of them has some force as advice, and sometimes as binding law for some people in some situations (obey your parents). I’ll add an 8th reason for what it may be worth to some people: if you get a tattoo, you cannot donate blood plasma (pick up easy money, if you can do it) for a year, and if you try to donate and get caught with an unreported tattoo, you may be banned for life from donating–at least at CSL Plasma, where I work and… Read more »