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Socialism’s Lonely Eden

deals with the edenic longing that–though distorted–is hidden away in the socialist worldview. Many good observations are made here, although I would want to take it a few steps further. I don’t believe that socialism deals ineffectually with murderous Cain; I believe socialism is murderous Cain.

What is the ‘Peculiar’ Glory?

John Piper’s most recent book.

Mike Reeves (who is slated to be a speaker at GraceAgenda 2017) recently interviewed John Piper about his new book A Peculiar Glory. Here’s short snippet from the full interview. Hope it will whet your appetite for coming out and joining us for GraceAgenda. I mean, why wouldn’t it?

The Neglected Qualification

Douglas Wilson - The Neglected Qualification - Canon Press - Christ ChurchA short little book (published by Canon Press) on the necessary qualifications for elders and pastors. Being people of the Book means we need to be people of the whole Book; including those portions which may require, you know, obedience. Canon is offering it for only $6.




douglas wilson - canon press - onslaughtOnslaught is an eBook campaign which we are launching. Subscribe in order to get an new eBook delivered to your inbox on a regular basis. Signing up is pretty simple, and it’s over yonder in the right sidebar. Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email with a link for your first eBook download.




A Kind of Wedding Homily You Don’t Hear Every Day

Nancy and I attended a wedding last Saturday, and it was nice not having any official responsibilities. I really appreciated the homily, which you can read here.

How Christians Gave the World Smartphones

Marcus Pittman, from Apologia Studios, gives a wonderful history lesson here on how Christianity contributed greatly to technological advancement in the world.

Coincidentally, some of the guys from Apologia (including Marcus) were here in Moscow this week filming some talks given by me and some of NSA’s other professors; stay tuned for when those are released.

How to Be an Atheist

Here’s a great interview with Dr. Mitch Stokes, a professor at NSA, on “How to Be an Atheist”.

mitch stokes - douglas wilson - New Saint Andrews

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7 years ago

That wedding homily was awesome. Long ago in premarital counseling a pastor presented the idea to me of marriage being an economic exchange too, something I thought was a bit kooky at the time, but it’s been proven to be a sound way of perceiving things. A dispensation, a covenant, is also a type of economic exchange within God’s economy. So we do this thing, and God will do this thing for us. There is cause and effect going on, an exchange happening. Ha! Or we can just wander around in the desert murmuring to ourselves.

7 years ago

Would be interested if you think this is worth commentary on?

Your FDA has approved a device where you eat food then drain it out your stomach to avoid obesity.

I believe they have also recently approved a new formulation of a medical abortion drug.

Valerie (Kyriosity)
7 years ago

The Piper/Reeves interview reminds me of one of Neil Anderson’s talks at the recent Christ Church missions conference: The Folopa people he was working with were just itchin’ to know what glory meant.

Leandro G Faria Corcete DUTRA

Am reading the very interesting ‘European brain snakes’ I just got from Onslaught, and spotted a very common error: p. 28 has principle where it means principal. If it was an ePub I would prolly fix it myself.