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Who Has More Fun Than People?


Made a #duett chain out of the #numnumcat! #numnum #numnumnumnumnum #fyp Credit goes to: @harrythedrummer @jaredbrake @malindamusic @melic6354 @otterchaosuk @samthehorn @sherzodergashevofficial

♬ Num Num Cat – MiMo

Figuring Out How to Post Playlists

Two Open Roads

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Perkins, Cash, and Clapton

Jokes I Like to Tell

Once there was a man who had a bad habit of making little jokey comments all the time, and of burying disparaging comments inside them. And he was constantly joking, sometimes so much that people thought he had somehow gotten stuck in that mode.

Most of the time, people would just discount his comments, thinking that they had better things to do that to try to confront him for something that seemed so trivial. He and his wife and three daughters were faithful members of a church, and this gentleman’s problem with insults fluffed up inside a joke had even been discussed by the elders at a session meeting.

A couple of the elders (and the pastor) had attempted to say something to him about it, and whenever that happened, he would just backhand the comment away with something like “well, everybody knows about my sense of humor. Where would we all be without a sense of humor?”

The problem continued on for years, and was unexpectedly solved one night at a church dinner. It was a very popular event, and virtually the whole church was there. After this evening’s events, the husband was transformed into a perfect gentleman. And as it happened, the night of the banquet landed on the wife’s birthday, her 40th birthday, in fact.

Someone in the ladies fellowship knew about this, and arranged for her to be called up to the front of the hall, so that everybody could sing happy birthday to her. And as she came up, her husband tagged along with her, and he saw the microphone up there—and one of his jokes had just occurred to him.

After they were all done singing, the husband leaned into the mic and said, “But you know, she’s 40 now. I am thinking of trading her in for two twenty-year-olds.” Of course everyone gasped, but his wife, having no time to think it through or anything, just blurted a response. And those assembled there must have laughed for 5 minutes straight, and it must have been truly therapeutic because the husband’s snarky problem went away entirely.

She said, “But honey, you’re not wired for 2-20.”

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8 months ago

220 volt circuits are a common voltage and circuit type here in the US. Electric stoves and dryers are typically 220 volt, wearas light bulbs and receptacles are 120 volt.
230 volt circuits typically run heavier wire than 120 volt circuits. The joke was a good play on words by the wife, essentially saying that the husband did not have the capacity to handle 2 women. ;-)
Who really does?