The Content Cluster Muster (11.10.16)

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Because Calvin Understood the Principle . . .


HT: John Cox Art

Because Guardian Angels Are a Good Thing


HT: Daily Timewaster

Helping Out My Friend Clint

My Favorite Twitter Follows:

Here are the Twitter accounts I most enjoy following; and would suggest it is worth your while to follow what they Tweet:

Jonah Goldberg

David Burg

Church Curmudgeon

Joe Rigney

Walter Kirn

Aaron Ventura

One of our Greyfriars Hall ministerial students has this as a side project. It is a different sort of cup of tea…

Sure, I could do that…

She Don’t Lie, She Don’t Lie

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Benjamin Bowman
7 years ago

The first 26 seconds of this clip Alfred perfectly explains what happened with the election.

7 years ago

Not surprising in my opinion. If you are some kind of African American issues voter. There wasn’t a good choice. Well, there was Gary Johnson, but who wants to waste their votes, right?

Chris Duncan
7 years ago

For those who don’t know how to properly pronounce synecdoche (or, for those who do):

7 years ago

I have not read this book so I have no idea how good it is. But having enjoyed your interaction with other books and writers, your take on this from a Presbyterian perspective may prove insightful.

Don’t Fire Your Church Members: The Case for Congregationalism, Leeman.