The Content Cluster Muster (08.24.17)

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Go a Little Left and then Right Again

So I have been slack on the open road photos. So sue me.

Sounds Better This Way

Rebekah Merkle on Selling Students on Classical Education

Frank Wants to be Dank

And Now for Some High Octane Common Grace

And the book is great. Get the book.

And the Plodcast Plods Onward

Grateful for how folks have responded to this. Keep showing up, and so will we. Here is the latest episode to drop.

So Then . . .

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Eric Stampher
Eric Stampher
6 years ago

Whoever raised that Merkle gal should consider themselves to have succeeded in life, no matter what else they’ve done.

6 years ago

Ha! “Doesn’t anyone know how to distribute memos anymore” is hilarious. Truth!

“Friedman’s Theory of Differentiated Leadership” is wonderful, too.

6 years ago

That last picture reminded me of ESPN announcer, Robert Lee. Apparently, Lee has to be preemptively hidden from public view because it would put the intoleristas in a bind. Should they trigger, or not?

ESPN didn’t want to find out, and they didn’t want anyone to have a field day with the hypocrisy that would inevitably ensue from the victim classes.

After caving to the culture burning carnage, will ESPN ever bring Robert Lee on again? How would they justify it now? Perhaps the only option for a future in media is for Robert Lee to change his name.

6 years ago
Reply to  Katecho

In case anyone missed that train wreck of a story, ESPN’s Robert Lee is Asian. Maybe Antifa & friends can take down this statue, too, because anyone with the last name “Lee” must be a wacist!

John Callaghan
John Callaghan
6 years ago

Two very different videos on James 2:

A short video by an author whose has spent some decades reconciling Catholic and Protestant understandings of Sola Fide: Are We Saved “By Faith Alone?” – Jimmy Akin

and a rather more dramatic video posted by a millennial last week:WHY “FAITH ALONE” SALVATION IS WRONG! (From a Protestant).