The Content Cluster Muster (04.26.18)

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Wisdom as Seen on the Internet Somewhere . . .

Called Conference Extended the Early Bird Discount

Moscow-ites…Come Out for the CrossPolitic Comedy Night

Wilbur Likes My Beowulf Rendition

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3 years ago

Hi Doug. Someone shared this with me recently. Douglas Campbell is a Pauline scholar and he writes on both the biography of Paul and his theology (seeing them as very much intertwined. He critiques both the old perspective and the new perspective on Paul. Both have many positives, and the old perspective is better than the new, but he believes there is an apocalyptic perspective of Paul which resolves some difficulties with the OP and NP. I had never heard of him or it (but am not in the know). I found the interview quite interesting, though couldn’t really get… Read more »