A Rocking Chair in Heaven

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Once there was a man who had spent many, many years in back breaking work. What he didn’t know about the uses of a shovel wasn’t worth knowing. One day at the tail end of a hot day and a very long ditch, he paused for a moment to talk with a young man in the ditch with him, the one manning the other shovel.

“Know what I am going to do when I get to Heaven?” he said.

“No, what?” said the young guy.

“I am going to talk to Peter at the gates, and I am going to ask for a mountain cabin by a clear, blue lake. The cabin will need to have a front porch overlooking the lake, and I will request that the porch be equipped with a sturdy and very comfortable rocking chair.”

“Really?” said the young guy.

“And,” the man continued, “I am going to sit in that rocking chair for ten thousand years.”

“Man,” his companion said. “That’s a long time. Whatcha doing then?”

“Then,” said the old man, his eyes narrowing slightly, “I am going to start rockin.'”

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