Plodcast Ep. 96 – So What Do We Think About Tariffs, From Silence to Song, Apaideutos
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This week Pastor Wilson talks about how we should think about tariffs. He also talks about Peter Leithart’s wonderful book, “From Silence to Song”, calling this small book a “treasure trove”. Pastor Wilson finishes things off with a look at the word apaideutos. Happy plodding!


Show Notes:


So What Do We Think About Tariffs:

  • President Trump thinks tariffs are great and something we should be doing more of
  • Trump is not levying tariffs, he is threatening to levy tariffs in order to get concessions
  • Threatening tariffs can lead to an increase in free trade


From Silence to Song:

  • Wonderful book written by Peter J. Leithart
  • This book is about the tabernacle of David
  • In the tabernacle of the wilderness there is no record of music being a part of worship
  • But David introduces music into the equation
  • Leithart also shows that the tabernacle of David was very attractive to Gentiles
  • For those who love Biblical theology, this small book is a treasure trove



  • Rendered as unlearned
  • Found in 2 Tim. 2:23
  • In Prufrock, T.S. Eliot warns us against “tedious arguments”
  • The apostle Paul was aware of them also
  • The servant of the Lord must not get dragged into stupid and unprofitable quarrels