Plodcast Ep. 92 – Buttigieg, “Your quarrel is with my creator”, How Football Explains America, Antilogia
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This week Pastor Wilson talks about Mayor Pete Buttigieg saying “Your quarrel is with my creator” to Vice President Mike Pence. He also talks about Sal Paolantonio’s book, “How Football Explains Amercia”, and the greek word antilogia. Happy plodding!


Show Notes:


“Your Quarrel is with My Creator”:

  • Mayor Pete Buttigieg recently made headlines attacking Mike Pence
  • He said “Your quarrel is with my creator”, and he was appealing to natural law
  • God is not only our creator but also our lawgiver
  • Buttigieg is assuming he is unfallen


How Football Explains America:

  • Written by Sal Paolantonio
  • This book draws a connection between how Americans think about the world and how a football game operates
  • Football is a manifest destiny game, it’s all about conquering the frontier
  • There is some sort of deep connection between the mentality of a population and plays conducted on the field



  • Refers to contradiction and strife
  • Found in Heb. 12:3, 6:16
  • Also found once in Jude 11
  • The true contradictor is the one who wants to contradict the truth