Plodcast Ep. 91 – Lesser Magistrates, The Weight of Glory, Antiloidoreo

This week Pastor Wilson talks about lesser magistrates, C.S. Lewis’ book, “The Weight of Glory”, and the greek word antiloidoreo. Thanks for tuning in!

Show Notes

Lesser Magistrates:

  • The doctrine of the lesser magistrate is a doctrine that is very relevant in our day
  • For example marijuana is allowed by the lesser magistrates and not the federal magistrates
  • Conservative states that do not conform to the federal standard of abortion is another example
  • Our reasons for asking the lesser magistrates to stand up to the bad guys should be grounded in scripture
  • Book IV of Calvin’s Institutes addresses this problem with civil magistrates very well

The Weight of Glory:

  • Written by C.S. Lewis
  • Small collection of Lewis’ more famous essays
  • This book is one to return to again and again
  • Lewis sets the boundaries of what it is like to seek glory


  • This word means to “revile again”, returning bile for bile, spite for spite
  • Used in 1 Peter 2:23
  • When someone else starts the sinning, the easiest thing in the world is to pay him back in his own coin
  • But this is precisely what Jesus did not do