Plodcast Ep. 87 – Declaration of War & the Constitution, The Case for Trump, Anomos
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This week Douglas Wilson talks about Congress’ assigned right to declare war and how they have been shuffling out of it. Then he plods on to review Victor Davis Hanson’s book, “The Case for Trump”. Then Pastor Wilson wraps things up by taking a look at the Greek word anomos. Happy Plods!


Show Notes:


Declaration of War & the Constitution:

  • Congress is assigned the duty to declare war by the constitution
  • Congress wants the ability to authorize war and take credit for it if it goes well, but they want deniability if war goes poorly
  • Conservative Christians need to believe that congress is responsible to declare war and they should not be permitted to shuffle out of it


The Case for Trump:

  • Written by Victor Davis Hanson
  • Hanson is acutely aware of Trump’s ridiculousness
  • He gives an amazing metaphor comparing Trump to chemotherapy
  • 2 situations in the 2020 election: 4 more years of chemo or a returning cancer



  • Rendered as without law
  • Used twice in Romans 2:12