Plodcast Ep. 72 – Global Warming, The Foundations of Social Order, Anastatoo

This week Douglas Wilson talks about global warming and how predictions don’t matter. He then goes on to review Hillbilly Elegy, a book by J. D. Vance. Wrapping it up with a look at the New Testament word “Anastatoo.” Happy plodding!

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Show notes:

Global Warming: Predictions Don’t Matter

  • “Second coming” predictions get people worked up
  • The goal with these predictions is the thrill that it gives when the prediction is made
  • A prophecy needs a fulfillment
  • False prophets depend on the excitement of the prediction

The Foundations of Social Order

  • Book by R. J. Rushdoony
  • Studies in the Creeds and Councils of the Early Church
  • He puts the needle on the exact issue
  • Every pagan system tries to smudge the boundary between God and “not God”


  • Anastatoo
  • Gal. 5:12, Acts 17:6, Acts 21:38