Plodcast Ep. 68 – Direct Actions, Militant Normals, Amentanoetos
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This week Douglas Wilson talks about people who refuse to abide by the election results. He then goes on to recommend Kurt Schlichter’s book, “Militant Normals.” Wrapping it up with a look at “Amentanoetos,” a New Testament word only used once! Happy plodding!


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Direct Confrontation

  • What it looks like when people refuse to abide by the election results.
  • There are different levels of disagreement
  • This doesn’t usually affect the “flyover states” or rural areas
  • The urban areas are the ones who go big or go home


Militant Normals

  • Written by Kurt Schlichter
  • He describes how he went from to being a “movement conservative” to a Trump fan.
  • Great book to understand where the “Trump mania” wave is coming from.



  • The word “Amentanoetos” refers to a sinner who has the bit in his teeth.
  • Rom. 2:5