Ep. 61 – The Abortion of the Family, Christology Cosmology & C.S. Lewis, Hamartia


Welcome plodders! This week Douglas Wilson talks about the abortion of the family, Michael Ward’s book, “Christology Cosmology & C.S. Lewis” and hamartia and hamartano in 2 Peter. Happy plodding!

Show notes:

The abortion of the family:

  • The killing of babies is not the only problem
  • The decision to legalize abortion delegitimized the American family and made, in principle, every child a bastard
  • The reason children die, is because their fathers have been disenfranchised
  • There is now no such thing as a family, if a man is not permitted to have a say about the life of his child, he is simply a nullity

Christology Cosmology & C.S. Lewis:

  • Written by Michael Ward
  • Series of 13/14 lectures that Ward gave
  • Ward wrote “Planet Narnia” and “Narnia Code”
  • This lecture series touches on the different planetary illusions in Narnia
  • Amazing read for Lewis lovers

Hamartia & Hamartano:

  • Looking at them in 2 Peter
  • Hamartia mentioned in 2 Peter 1:9, 2:14
  • Hamartano is mentioned in 2 Peter 2:4