Ep. 57 – Wives Leaving Husbands, Principles of War, Hamartano

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Welcome to the Plodcast! Listen in to hear Pastor Wilson address the grounds for divorce in the Bible and the grounds for wives who leave their husbands . After that he plods on to review his father Jim Wilson’s book, “Principles of War”. Finishing things off, Wilson takes a look at Hamartano in Hebrews. Happy Plodding!

Show Notes:


Wives Leaving Husbands:

  • The Greco-Roman world had many mixed marriages, this was not commonplace where Jesus was teaching
  • Paul says you should not abstain sexual relations with an unbelieving spouse
  • When you have two believers, the allowance for divorce is porneas (unfaithfullness)
  • When you have a mixed marriage and the unbeliever leaves, the believer is not bound in such circumstances
  • Paul says that a wife should stick it out, but if she can’t and she leaves then she only has two options 1) remain unmarried 2) be reconciled to the spouse


The Principles of War:

  • Written by Jim Wilson
  • Doug’s father was a Naval officer
  • He took the principles of war and applied them to spiritual warfare
  • Methods of war change but principles of war don’t
  • This book offers evangelical gameplans and tactics



  • Looking at the word in Hebrews
  • Only used twice, once in Heb. 3:17 & once in Heb. 10:26
  • Heb. 3:17 refers to the sinning of the Hebrews in the wilderness
  • Heb. 10:26 talks about sinning willfully after we have received knowledge of the truth and that there remains no more sacrifices for sins