Ep. 50 – Revoice Conference, Darwin’s House of Cards, Hamartano & Hamartia


Welcome to the Plodcast! Listen in to hear Pastor Wilson re-address the revoice conference, arguing that the whole thing is completely backwards. After that he plods on to review Tom Bethel’s “Darwin’s House of Cards”. Finally, Wilson takes a look at Hamartano & Hamartia in 1 Corinthians. Happy Plodding!

Show Notes

The Revoice Conference:

  • They want it to be possible for someone to be a gay celibate
  • The main thing that is wrong with this is that it is privileging gender confusion sexuality issues in a way that we never would privilege any other sin
  • This is like having your identity be in gambling but you never actually bet anything
  • This whole thing is not a sustainable project
  • What are the transgenders committing to not do?

Darwin’s House of Cards:

  • Written by Tom Bethel
  • He is bringing us up to speed on the debate of darwinism
  • He gives great insight to the problems created by convergent evolution
  • The conclusion of the book was great, he points out that the plausibility structure supporting darwinism is not there anymore

Hamartano & Hamartia:

  • Looking at these sins in 1 Cor.
  • Hamartano is used a number of times but Hamartia is not mentioned until chapter 15
  • 1 Cor. 6:18,28, / 7:36 / 8:12 / 15:3, 17, 34, 56