Ep. 39 – Private Property & Environment, The Plan of Salvation, Allotriepiskopos

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Listen to Pastor Wilson talk about how Christians should handle Private Property and the Environment. Then he plugs B.B. Warfield’s, The Plan of Salvation, and wraps things up with a talk about the Greek word “Allotriepiskopos”. Happy Plodding! 

Show Notes

Private Property & Environment:

  • when people tell you to save this or save that, there is a presupposition of ownership
  • we have to figure out who owns what
  • Christians should want to be good stewards of the planet, however, we need to do it through God’s appointed mechanisms
  • you don’t want to put anyone in charge of the environment, or an endangered species when that person doesn’t face any negative consequences for making poor decisions
  • Christians need to radically reintroducing private property

The Plan of Salvation:

  • written by B.B. Warfield
  • helpful breakdown of different approaches to salvation
  • if you are interested in preserving historic reformed evangelicalism, then this book is great 


  • refers to someone who is a busy body in the affairs of others
  • these people are engaged in looking over the shoulders of others so that they can butt in
  • mentioned in 1 Peter 4:15
  • mind thine own business