Ep. 34 – Gun Control Basics, Idea of Decline, Akrasia

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Tune in to hear Pastor Wilson talk about the Florida school shooting and gun control basics. Then he plugs Idea of Decline in Western History, and wraps things up with a talk about the Greek word “Akrasia”. Happy Plodding! 

Show Notes

Gun Control Basics

  • government collapsed during Florida Shooting
  • people naturally cry out to their gods (government)
  • people are crying out to the same government that failed them
  • the right to keep and bear was not about deer hunting, it was adopted so that people could fight against the rise of tyranny from government agents
  • 1.) trump is literally hitler 2.) we should surrender all our guns to him

Idea of Decline in Western History

  • written by Arthur Herman 
  • how it came about that people assume things are falling apart
  • you would think with the doctrine of evolution this would not be the case
  • read this as a companion to your study of eschatology


  • means excess or lack of control
  • used twice in NT (1. Cor. 7:5, Matt. 23:25)
  • one of the reasons that nonbelievers, even nonbelievers in positions of influence and importance, cannot control themselves is that self-control is a fruit of the spirit
  • they can control one thing, but not the other
  • the Spirit gives us the ability to be self-controlled across the board