Ep. 29 – The Intelligent Design Glitch, The Good of Affluence, Akathartes

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Tune in to hear Pastor Wilson talk the intelligent design glitch. Then he plugs The Good of Affluence, and wraps things up with a talk about the Greek word “Akathartes”. Happy Plodding! 

Show Notes

The Intelligent Design Glitch

  • some ID advocates don’t argue for the existence of God but rather for an ambiguous somebody 
  • there is a fatal flaw in this argumentation
  • they should say that they are creationists
  • if that somebody is not God, than does it exhibit design?
  • you either must have God or an infinite regress 
  • the intelligent design movement must have a God

The Good of Affluence 

  • written by John R. Schneider
  • he shows that it is better to be affluent than poor, if everything else is equal
  • he argues compellingly for the essential goodness of good things
  • good things can be abused
  • God gives us these good things to enjoy, and we need to thank God for it


  • translated as filthiness, found once in the NT
  • Revelation 17:4, talks about the great whore of Babylon—she in her turn is an image of unbelieving Isreal
  • this is a contrast of the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven for her husband, as a spotless bride