Ep. 14 — Athemitos, Life at the Bottom, NFL & National Anthem

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Pastor Wilson discusses the Greek word “athemitos”, Theodore Dalrymple’s book “Life at the Bottom”, and he tops the whole thing off with his thoughts on the NFL and its athletes refusing to stand for the national anthem. Make sure to join him every Wednesday for his newest episodes! Happy Plodding!


Hamartiology: “Athemitos”

  • Acts 10:28 & 1 Peter 4:3
  • rendered as an “unlawful thing” and also translated as “abominable”
  • the moralistic man rejects evil because he has to, but secretly wishes he could get in on the action while the moral man rejects evil in its entirety because he sees it as abominable

Theodore Dalrymple—Life at the Bottom

  • good for Americans to read because he shows that certain pathologies crop up when people are treated in a certain way
  • shows the destruction of evading personal responsibilities
  • bureaucrats can’t pay people to evade their responsibilities and then get surprised when it all falls apart

The NFL & National Anthem:

  • professional sports is entertainment and depends on the fans paying to watch games
  • huge disconnect between players and fans
  • surprising that the athletes are rejecting their fans
  • ESPN & the NFL are losing fans and customers because of this and have made their fanbase mad