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A Scots Presbyterian was once washed up on a desert island, and was stranded there for ten years. Fortunately, he was a son of a hardscrabble people, and was even harder in his theology. This meant that as the years went by, his work ethic produced quite an impressive array of huts, sheds, shelters, and more. The most impressive was his tree house made out of teak wood.

After ten years of such industrious productivity, he was finally rescued. As the captain of the ship that had found him was marveling at all the things he had built, the stranded fellow offered to give him a complete tour. “Please,” said the captain. As they walked back into the jungle, they rounded bend in the path, and came across a beautiful little church. “You built a church?” the captain exclaimed in astonishment. “Aye, that I did,” said the island’s lone inhabitant. He may have been proud but he showed none of it, for that would have been to give glory to the creature. As they continued on down the path, they came around another bend in the path, and stumbled across a second church, even more beautiful than the first one had been. “Two?” the captain asked, puzzled.

The marooned fellow just shrugged. “That’s where I used to go to church.”

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