Some People Like Groaners

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A man walked into a bar with a dog, and told the men at the bar that he was willing to bet them a round of drinks that his dog was actually a talking dog.

“You’re on,” one of the men said.

The man turned to his dog and said, “What is on the top of a house?”

“Roof!” the dog said.

“What is sandpaper like?” That was the second question.


“And who was the greatest ball player who ever lived?”


And with that, the assembled men looked at each other, one of them grabbed this gentleman where the pants hang loose, and two others took him by each arm, and they frogmarched him to the door. Another one got the dog, and the man and his dog soon found themselves lying at the base of a parking meter. The man looked at the dog with disgust, and the dog looked back at him.

“DiMaggio?” he said.

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