No Leverage for Sin

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In the message today, we will be considering ways to prepare yourselves spiritually for your Christmas celebrations. That message will be addressing those who earnestly want to be a blessing to others, and who are grieved when they stumble in various ways.

So I thought that it would be good to address just a few words beforehand to some who may not be in that category. During special times and seasons, some people want things to be good so bad that they mess it up. More on that later. But others realize that the season gives them a peculiar form of leverage, and many opportunities to force others to bribe them out of a bad attitude. Who might be meant by this?

So, young men, when you find yourselves being grumpy and sullen, drop it. Walk away. Go into the bathroom, and practice smiling at yourself in the mirror. Then go out in the kitchen and try smiling at your mom. Offer to help her with something.

You young ladies, this is no time to be catty. Contrary to what many assume, you don’t have a constitutional right to be that way. It is not part of your femininity. If you got the idea that you had a right to be like that from stupid movies, 2010 would be a good year to stop watching them. If that loses you some friends, that’s quite okay. Who wants to be friends with catty girls?

Whatever leverage you think you might have, walk away.

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