Your Bastard Child

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We are nearing the end of the first week of homosexual marriage in Massachusetts. It is easy enough to see the incoherence of this dead end, but hard for us to see where it all started. It is especially hard for evangelical Christians to see where it all began, because it all began with us, and seeing this would constitute repentance. Modern evangelicalism is addicted to telling America that we have the cure for what ails our nation, when it would be more to the point to say that modern evangelicalism is the disease of our nation.

The Bible teaches that homosexuality should not be thought of primarily as a sin inviting judgment, but rather as a judgment from God for previous sin. Paul is very clear in the first chapter of Romans that refusal to honor God as God and refusal to give Him thanks results in idolatry. This idolatry results in homosexuality, visited as a judgment by God, for all the antecedent sin. What are some of those sins?

  1. In her worship, pop evangelicalism does not worship God as God, and does not give Him thanks. Our worship is trite, inane, bubble-gum popping, breezy, irreverent, and worse. A nation that worships God the way we do deserves to have homosexual marriage visited upon her.
  2. In evangelical homes, countless fathers are harsh, selfish, distant, demanding, unfaithful, abdicating, and pathetic. Because the hearts of fathers have been turned away from their children, this shows the Lord has struck the land with a curse. A nation with as many faithless covenant fathers as we have deserves to have homosexual marriage visited upon her.
  3. The evangelical Church has not been faithful to the richness and depth of Trinitarian Christianity. The homosexual vision is the reductio ad absurdum of Unitarian thinking (the worship of ultimate dullness), but this mindset which is pervasive in our superficially Trinitarian congregations. A nation which abandons a vision of the Trinity deserves to have homosexual marriage visited upon her.
  4. And lastly, evangelical activists who will be circulating petitions ad nauseam on homosexual marriage want salvation without a Savior. If someone presents you with a petition to sign, agree to do so if they will add a clause that insists that Jesus Christ be acknowledged as the Lord and Savior of the United States. Good luck finding an evangelical activist who agrees with that. The Christian church wants the fruit of believing in Jesus Christ without actually having to believe in Jesus Christ.

It is the duty of Christians everywhere to oppose homosexual marriage, as long as we also oppose the sins that we have committed that have brought us to this point. It is the height of folly and arrogance to oppose the hand of God in visiting homosexual marriage upon us without repenting of the sins that have brought this about.

So let me be blunt. We need to speak the truth to every evangelical church in America. We must point to Massachusetts and say, “Behold your bastard child.”

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