Without Any Yowling at All

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I went to bed last night not knowing who the next president would be, which shows much fortitude I think. And I woke up braced for a Biden administration, and did so without yowling at the ceiling, which shows even more. But as things stand, it appears to be leaning Trump, but still too close to call. That means I will hold off on any post mortem exhortations for a bit. Suffice it to say, one prayer request was denied, which was the prayer that it not be close. God is the Lord, and He is good all the time.

Another prayer was that God would do what it takes to wake up His church. If Biden takes it, then His means for doing so will the rod for the backs of fools, those fools being us. If Trump takes it, then His means for doing so is a merciful respite so that we might get ready and prepare ourselves. This is all going to happen again four years from now, and there will be four more years of Christian graduates of government schools, out there voting, thinking like good pagans, and why this keeps happening to us will still be a a grand mystery to their parents and grandparents.

In the meantime, for your encouragement (while the votes are being counted and the nails are being bitten), let me just repeat the words of a friend’s email this morning: “If the American media is saying, ‘We need to take this slow, wait for all the facts to come in, be patient, and not rush to hasty conclusions,’ you know things didn’t go their way.”

So Lord willing, and the crik don’t rise, I will post something else in a little bit. To help to keep your from worrying.