Without A Bucket

I am currently reading three new books by Peter Leithart — the commentary on Kings, the book on Second Peter, which are both outstanding, and the book Deep Comedy, which promises to be the really fabulous one. I am not very far into them yet, but am certainly far enough in to see that Peter is currently at the top of his game. And this relates to another important announcement. At a recent meeting of our trustees, it was decided to have NSA proceed with the establishment (in the fall of 07) of a graduate program. The first degree offered will be a Master of Arts in Trinitarian Theology and Culture. You can read more about it here. Dr. Leithart will be serving as the dean of graduate studies, and will be one of the principal instructors. I would urge at least some of you to get an application now because as the Leithartian river flows by, you don’t want to be found standing around without a bucket.

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