White Supremacy, Ha

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“Which brings up another point: why is it that the “supremacists” among us behave the way they do? If there is a kid in seventh grade who is busy heaping contempt upon the heads of the fifth graders, it is likely that he is not exactly the class genius. He is struggling to fulfill his duties, and quickly finds that it is easier to puff himself up by looking down on someone a couple grades down the hall than it is to actually do his own work. In short, if the case for white supremacy had to be made (for some absurd reason), the people that would be picked to make that case would not be your rank and file white supremacist. Blacks and whites who are blessed with any genuine superiority (of any kind) should know it to be a gift. And if they believe their Bibles, they hold that the same kind of gift is coming to the whole world” (From a forthcoming book).

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