White Babies

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I have apparently said something outrageous again, and it has been brought to my attention (again). The adversaries that God has been pleased to assign to my case have made a scary looking meme that gives you a snippet of what I said, along with a picture of me falling asleep.

Reading comprehension is not valued the way it used to be, and so I am periodically asked to do this kind of clean up. I am prepared to do this today because—and only because—we are over a week away from November 2021.

Here is my full paragraph:

So in this system all is not permitted. Christianity is not permitted. Christ is not permitted. Christians are not permitted. To be an orthodox and believing Christian is to be guilty of violating the only real taboo they have. So I would want to encourage you in this. Go right ahead. Be ultimately transgressive. Subvert the dominant paradigm. Challenge the status quo. Believe in Jesus. Find a cute girl and marry her. Have babies. If you are prepared to really get out there, have white babies. Take them all to church. Go ahead. Chicks dig bad boys.

Me, being bad

So. Still with me? This is not an example of me saying that having white babies is somehow superior to anything or anyone. It is rather an example of me saying that having white babies (in this toxic and idiotic climate of ours) is edgy. This was made plain by the punch line, which was “chicks dig bad boys.”

For the hostiles who comb my blog for outrages, a punch line is a device that is used by people who have not yet abandoned humor for the sake of the Great Awokening, and it is used to signal an attempt to make what used to be called “a funny.”

So my follow up here is to explain a joke to the humorless, so wish me luck. The point was not to urge white folks to have lotsa babies so as to out breed all those “lesser tribes” out there. The point was that, if you are white, white babies will be what you get, and if you go ahead and have them without any apology then this is an indication that you are happily rejecting CRT (Commies Rejecting Truth). And good for you.

All my kids were white, and all my grand kids are white, and—being a bad boy—I don’t feel even a little bit guilty about it. Some people think I should feel guilty, but I have rejected their counsels. I have rejected their counsels because we live in a time when the people in charge of controversies have all lost their minds.

Further bulletins as events warrant.