When Mary Counted His Fingers

“The absolute Truth, the one who fills all things (Eph. 1:23) condescended to a place where He would have to fill his diapers. This — to the refined and philosophical mind — was outrageous, impudent, and even blasphemous . . . The ultimate Truth suckled at His mother’s breast, had ten fingers and ten toes, which His mother counted, and He then grew a bit older and went to Nazareth High. The universal became a particular, and did so without ceasing to be a universal. The universal Truth has a hometown, and a mom, and is a scandal to the Greeks. He is also a scandal to the Kantians and the postmodernists, and all for the same reason” (God Rest Ye Merry, pp. 68-69).

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David Smith

“The absolute Truth, the one who fills all things (Eph. 1:23) condescended to a place where He would have to fill his diapers.” The wonderful and outrageous truth of the Incarnation is sometimes actually obscured by the the soft light and color of a Renaissance painting, however beautifully rendered. Yes, there’s truth in that, too, but the direct Agent of the creation of all things . . . actually condescended to become a baby who pooped his diapers, stank after a long day’s work, and experienced other bodily needs and functions! Somehow, I sometimes find it easier to think of… Read more »


It gets even more beautiful when you consider the source of life became the fundamental unit of life. Adam brought sin into the world and in a mere 35 years Christ dealt with the problem. It just might be even more mysterious if you allow yourself to consider that it may be that Adam is the result of a single cell and Christ became a single cell. If will not allow yourself to consider that possibility the incarnation is no less beautiful and no less meaningful.