What Do We Mean by Sole Source?

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The photo above is the Canon Press/Logos Press warehouse, a place, as you can clearly see, of haunting beauty. So let me tell you about something that is going on in there.

So this particular installment of Education Thursday is addressed to administrators and board members of classical Christian schools. I know you are out there — I have been to a bunch of your schools. Nobody is making this up.

Last year Logos Press test drove this particular service with a few schools, and we trust that the bugs are now deceased. The service I am speaking of is called Sole Source. Let me mention the benefits first. This service will save you and your staff in two areas — it will save you headaches, and it will save you money. This thing is simple and it brings savings.

What you do is this. You submit your curriculum and materials list online, and Logos Press does all the research and procurement for you. If you submit your lists by the specified date, your orders will arrive by another specified date. Secondly, there is an economy of scale thing going. Logos Press researches for the best wholesale discounts on the materials, and then splits the difference with your school, 50/50. In short, the deal is less hassle and more money.

If you find this strangely intriguing, and have additional questions, the person to talk to is Gene Liechty. He can be reached by email (gene@canonpress.com) or by phone (919-422-7316).

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Valerie (Kyriosity)
9 years ago

Shouldn’t that be “less hassle and less money”? Or maybe “leaves you with less hassle and with more money in your pocketses”? #shouldntreadanythingelsewhileineditormode #whoamikiddingimalwaysineditormode