Who Wants to be Post Darwinian?

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“Darwin gave modernity the mechanism it needed to throw off the authority of God’s Word and the sovereignty of the Lord Christ. Darwin is foundational to the secularist modernity project, but there is more. He is also foundational to the postmodern goo cauldron that is our culture today and every form of what I have called pomosexuality. It is striking that postmodernists never want to be post-Darwinian. The whole thing, modernity and postmodernity, is part of one sustained play in the football game. Modernity was the quarterback in the shotgun position, and postmodernity is the quick pass to the flat. When someone helpfully tells me that the receiver in the flat is postshotgun, my response will generally be to tell them that I don’t find their distinctions all that helpful (Empires of Dirt, p. 204).