Wahoo From the Yahoos

This falls under the heading of prayer request and thanksgiving. We are now in the week running up to our Trinity Fest, and all the indications show that we are set for a great conference. Registrations have been strong, the scheduled events are much broader and deeper than we used to have at the old February history conferences (that weren’t about slavery by the way), and it looks like we are set for quite a celebration this time around. I have been privileged to witness the hard work behind the scenes that quite a number of people are putting into this, and it looks as though that hard work is really going to pay off in a big way. The prayer request is that the hundreds of people who have registered would have safe travel to Moscow and home again, and that they would encounter a minimum number of scowling diversity advocates — all chanting “2, 4, 6, 8! Idaho’s too great for people not like us!” — as they enjoy a few days in our friendly little town. And most of the town really is friendly, so those coming to visit us do not really need to worry. Just steer clear of those who strain out the gnats of intolerance, but who swallow the persecutorial camel — unleashing the angry dogs of contempt and hatred. So to speak.

The thanksgiving is for the kindness of God in granting us what appears to be a very successful conference — despite the pettiness of a few.

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