Ukraine Winter Needs

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It has been a while since I have posted any of the needs that our brothers and sisters in Ukraine have, and I hope to remedy that now.

Let me say at the front end that all the needs I am publishing here are spiritual and humanitarian in nature. In other words, if you have strong views (as I do) about the slush jungle being created for corrupt Americans by all the geopolitical money being thrown around, as far as this appeal is concerned, such strong views would be neither here nor there. This is an upright ministry, in other words, and all donations received will go directly to genuine needs.

Before I tell you about some very specific needs, one of the more obvious questions concerns how fast the money will get there. The answer is that JEEP, the organization we are working with, is set up to get help there quickly. In other words, if you give toward winter relief in Ukraine, they are not going to get the help in July. And spring comes late there.

The bottom line appeal here is seeking to raise $36K, and you can give via this route. You see that I have given the same link three times thus far, and so that should be sufficient.

Let me break out the details of that number for you. Around $10K of this is for purchasing power stations and winter fuel. Included in that would be to purchase sleeping bags for the Mykolaiv church (CREC). Because they have been faithfully meeting and ministering during the conflict, they have grown significantly over this past year. JEEP has already purchased some generators, which is an obvious need in that every day Ukraine sees multiple power outages across the country.

Ihor Lischinski is the pastor of the Ivano-Frankivsk church, and they were recently able to purchase a building for their expanding church and Nazareth House ministry. They are currently in the process of renovating, and $18K is needed there. Here are some photos of that project.

The other big need is for Pidhaichyky church. They had purchased land back in 2017, before the war. They have been constructing a new church building over the last two years, with Pastor Volodymr Yakobovsky and Elder Taras Savchuk working tirelessly on the project. They are in need of $8K, which will enable them to complete the work, and move into the building by Easter.

So there you have it. The total needed for these projects is $36K ($10K + $18K + $8K). This is for winter needs, the IF renovation, and the Pidhaichyky building. Building the kingdom is arduous work at any time, and doing it in the middle of a war is even more so. If you can see your way clear to make a donation, I would be very grateful.