Two Cheers for Michael Horton

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Also in this most recent copy of Modern Reformation is a section taking on the whole issue of classical Christian education, along with other assorted educational alternatives. The representation of our position is (generally) pretty fair, and their qualified respect for our labors in the field of education was genuinely appreciated. This was all the more striking against the backdrop of the covenantal controversy in the rest of the issue.

The reason we are one cheer short is that they pulled out the old “wise Turk” ploy. Luther said it was better to be ruled by a wise Turk than a foolish Christian. I quite agree. I would rather be ruled by a Turk who acted like a Christian than a Christian who acted like a Turk. But this leaves out two other logical options. We have gotten to the point where a bunch of Christians would rather be ruled by a foolish Turk than by a wise Christian. And that state of affairs came from the myth of neutrality.

Related to which, their comment that our chemists and bakers need not be redeemed to do their job properly is right at the central point, and misses that point. They can only do so through inconsistency. If we really need to debate this (and I think we do), I am happy that this is the contested ground. The Lordship of Christ extends over every chemical reaction and every loaf that rises.

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