Transition at Bethlehem

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Some of you have heard the news about Jason Meyer stepping down as the pastor of Bethlehem in Minneapolis. Naturally, some are using this as an opportunity to continue pushing a woke agenda, and these days so much is to be expected. From a cursory read through of that linked article, it appears plain that—by the grace of God—Bethlehem actually dodged a woke bullet. But on all that kind of stuff, I should let Bethlehem speak for themselves.

My only reason for chiming in here is that yours truly got mentioned near the end of the article a few times, in what might be called a virtuoso display of drive-by journalism. And I so thought I should at least say a couple things about that part of it.

The first was the appeal to Southern Slavery As It Was, a booklet published some twenty-five years or so ago now. Some water has gone under the bridge since then, but some journalists are lazier than Ludlum’s dog, who had to lean his head against the wall to bark. Since that time, a quarter century ago, there have been additional developments, like say, the publication of Black & Tan and also Skin & Blood, and there is a whole section in my Controversy Library on it, not to mention a link on my front page, where even lazy journalists might be able to find something.

Second, the article also mentioned that I once argued that wives who don’t do dishes should be brought before the elders. That is true. I did write something about that. But in my defense, we are talking about a Pyrex oven dish with some overdone and burnt lasagna in it, and you know how hard those are to clean, right? And then it was left in the sink for three days. If you can’t involve the elders over something like that, then what have we come to? This is America, right?