The Matter Closed?

I said at the end of the previous post that I considered the matter closed. By that I meant that the Food Coop has done what they needed to do — they reprimanded an employee for distributing bigoted materials, and in so doing they have acknowledged that this kind of bigotry does exist in our town. In doing this, they also acknowledged the existence of the list (which I do have a copy of). The Food Coop did not stand by the list, and did not defend it. That being the case, I am uninterested in trying to make political hay out of this with the Food Coop. They distanced themselves from something that they should have distanced themselves from, and have therefore established the fact (now beyond dispute) that this kind of bigotry is occurring. That is why I am happy to consider the matter closed with them — and besides, plenty of our church members like their bread.

Of course, the matter of the list itself is not closed. The employee involved continues to circulate it on her own, and I know of at least one other business downtown that is distributing it. And I am still interested in what our candidates for city council have to say about the continued existence of such a list. Do they support it or oppose it?

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