The Inescapable Trinity

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Just finished Ralph Smith’s new book called Trinity and Reality. The subtitle says that it is an introduction to the Christian faith, which is quite true. But if I were trying to figure out what shelf to put it on, it would probably land on the “Christian worldview” shelf. And quite a cottage industry along these lines has developed over the last ten years or so, an industry dedicated to the publication of books that explain and promote a “Christian worldview.” Many of these books are very good, but the significant contribution made by this one is that the bedrock assumption throughout the book is that the Trinity matters. Could a Unitarian god have created the kind of world we live in? And the simple answer is no. The point is that simple “theism” is not the engine that pulls the worldview train, with passengers who have a little leisure debating the finer points of the Trinity. The triune nature of God matters in everything. This is simply an outstanding book. Those of you who are homeschooling parents who want your kids to have a worldview component in their studies need to consider this book. Those teachers who teach worldview oriented classes need to add this book to the curriculum.

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