The Horse Laugh of Freedom

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Earlier this winter, I have posted the occasional anecdotal guffaw at the expense of global warming. Comes now Science to back up all the stalwart lovers of liberty who dared to laugh the Horse Laugh of Freedom. Turns out, this year has seen a dramatic plunge in temperature, all around the world, according to all four of the major trackers of global temperatures (Hadley, NASA’s GISS, UAH, RSS). Frank Turk, to whom this hat tip belongs, puts it all in perspective — showing why the panic was bogus in principle.

What caused the turnaround so quickly? It must have been the fact that hotels now give you the option of not washing your towels. I knew that if there was going to be a solution, it would have to be a private sector solution.

Seriously, though, let me say this. From the beginning of this particular alarum, I had every confidence that within ten years, the hysteria that has been going on in the name of global warming would be corrected, and more than one pundit would be typing out a sheepish little correction. But I consider myself profoundly blessed to see it all come to pass within months, before Al Gore’s lecture circuit was quite done.

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