That Jaw-Jutty Way

“He was professional, cut, chiseled. His slacks had a crease in them that could cut weeds if he walked through a field of tall grass, not that he did this very often. His one idiosyncratic feature was that he always looked like he was chewing beef jerky whenever he talked, but most people who even noticed it thought it made him look masculine in that jaw-jutty way that you see in Eddie Bauer catalogs” (Evangellyfish, p. 201).

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Thomas Olney
Thomas Olney

I am amazed at the arrogance of quoting your own self-published novel. Just amazed.

Rick Davis

Are you also amazed when other people create their own products and promote them? I thought that was called marketing, not arrogance. I’ll be sure to be appropriately offended next time I see a commercial.

Matt Robison

I am amazed at the arrogance of people who quote their own thoughts and write them down. I mean, the nerve.

Wait, what did I just do?


The nerve it takes to write a book in the first place! Or have a blog! Who does he think he is!

RL Seward
RL Seward

I guess that Thomas missed the part of Evangellyfish being awarded a Best Book award of the Year by Christianity Today. I worte a book about WW2 and German Americans. Anyone know an agent who might be interested?