Taking Over Moscow?

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A certain kind of mind cannot wrap around the concept of political consequences being accomplished apart from political instruments or means. Indeed, a certain kind of mind, being made of wood, cannot wrap around anything. And consequently, when we say, as we have often said, that we do not have a political agenda, we are accused of being disingenuous (Luke 8:10).

But again:
1. Politics is not our savior. But politics will be saved.
2. Politics is not what we are fighting with. It is a small part what we are fighting for.
3. We therefore do not need to employ political tactics (campaigns, petitions, yard signs, etc.) to accomplish what we are after. In advancing a spiritual and biblical agenda, such tactics have two major problems — they are coercive and they are far too weak.

Our goal is certainly to see the Great Commission fulfilled, and to see all the world worshipping God the Father through Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit. And of course, wanting this for the world means that we want it for Moscow too. We are Christians, after all. We believe the Christian faith is true and right and lovely. So of course we want it for others. But are we going to get there by Passing a Law? Making a Rule? No, that is how secularists want to change things — better living though Making Other People Do Things. They not only love the Politics of Coercion, they cannot understand anyone who does not think the same way they do. But this particular inability to understand the Christian mindset is precisely why Sauron fell. He simply could not understand how anyone could have the ring of power, and then just throw it away. Think of the good that could have been done with that ring! We could have had building projects! Taxes! Prisons! Muzzles! Whips and chains! Spacious re-education camps for the intolerant! Free burlap NPR bags for everyone left!

So then, once again, we are not pursuing any agenda through political means. So how do we want to get there then? Just remember our three L’s.
1. Liturgy
2. Lovemaking
3. Laughter

To this, our adversaries reply with their one L, a swollen L with a thyroid problem.
1. Laws

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