Superintendent Search Closing Soon

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The Logos School Board is continuing its search for qualified candidates for the District Superintendent. On April 5th, we will close the period for accepting applications for the position. If you know of qualified candidates, please make them aware of this deadline and have them apply by emailing The original announcement is given below for reference.

In an effort to better meet the needs of Christian families who desire a rigorous classical and Christian education for their children, Logos School is fundamentally changing the structure of their operations. Rather than operate a single-site preK-12 campus or a multi-site, single administrative model, a private Logos School District is now being created. The district will be helmed by a unified board with a District Superintendent as chief executive and will consist of multiple grammar/elementary schools, each with their own Head of School on site. A single Principal of Grammar Education will oversee the vision and pedagogical execution in those schools, ensuring curricular and cultural unity across campuses. A Principal of Dialectic and Rhetoric Education will oversee the unified 7-12 secondary school. Both Principals will report to the District Superintendent. 

The Logos School Board is currently accepting applications from qualified candidates for the new position of District Superintendent, expecting that new hire to have a voice in helping the board choose a Principal of Grammar Education, and a Principal of Dialectic and Rhetoric Education. 

On behalf of the Logos School Board,

Joe Casebolt
Board Chairman