Sundry Offenses Against Democracy

Things have been calm for quite some while, and so I haven’t had to post under this topic for that same some while. But several things have happened of late, and so I should bring you all up to speed. Our Trinity Fest starts on Monday, and there was an organized protest against Trinity Fest in downtown Moscow last night. There were four groups present — the protesters proper, some counter protesters with signs that said things like, “My Arms Are Tired,” townspeople miling about, and members of my immediate family including a goodly number of my grandchildren. All in all, a festive albeit confused time was had by all. The protesters proper were outnumbered by my family members — but I mention this only to guard against the possibility that the protest will have grown, in the minds of some and by the time of Monday’s newspaper article about it, into a formidible rally. They do that sometimes, like the fish that got away.

Also, the newspaper last night ran a guest column from Nick Gier, accusing me of sundry offenses against democracy. I have written a response, which (I am told) should run in next Tuesday’s paper. There were some flyers distributed yesterday downtown and at the mall, attacking me and Steve Wilkins. Someone mentioned to me that perhaps we should complain to the mall, or to someone about it. I said no, because we want them to be the complainers. We intend to have a really good time — telling stories about the Old Testament, attending concerts, dances and plays, having a block party downtown — life is too short to live like a complainer. They are fulfilling that role nicely, thank you. And when you think about how well these leftist progressives do as a parsimoninous Mrs. Grundy, it’s kinda spooky.

One other thing. After a great deal of prayer and looking around, Christ Church has purchased a lot in downtown Moscow (a little less than an acre), a wonderful place to build our sanctuary. We closed on Thursday, and are extremely grateful to God. When the news got out, others have not been so grateful, and have been publicly expressing their desire to figure out a way to make discrimination legal again. It is kind of fun watching liberals deny almost all their avowed principles. Of course, I don’t know why it’s so fun, because it doesn’t take much.

Anyhow, for our friends around the country, we would like to ask you to join with us in thanking God for this wonderful blessing. And if you can join us at Trinity Fest next year, you can drive by and look at our dirt.

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