Something Wrong With His Typewriter

This morning I received a copy of an anonymous attack on various members of our churches, posted on the ever-reliable Venom 20/20. For those who know nothing of it, you have not really missed out. For those who are aware of this particular spray of bitterness, let this answer suffice. One of the temptations that goes with this kind of thing is the temptation to try to make sense out of it. But it does not really make sense — if sin made sense, it would not be sin, would it? So let this brief reply do. As far as the distorted substance of the charges go, and the parallel attempt to stir up dissension, let me just put it this way. The individuals from our churches named are all in good fellowship with one another, and work together happily and well. This is something that is characteristic of them all, and completely uncharacteristic of their accuser. Some people have the misfortune of going through life with their CAPS LOCK STUCK.

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