Someone Is Keeping Their Attorney in the Dark

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This morning in the Daily News, they ran an extended front page story on the Moscow “culture skirmishes,” an article that I thought was really even-handed. That said, there is one detail that I need to correct from the article, which is really only a detail. The article said of me that he “is pretty sure the saliva he wipes regularly from his daughter’s downtown storefront isn’t a greeting from the local welcome wagon.” I am afraid that the clean-up duties have been done by the folks who work there, and not by me. Nevertheless, the personal nature of the personal grudges involved in activities like spitting on our doors has been quite real and apparent.

But let’s move on to the funny stuff. In the article, Mike Curley is quoted as saying that “nobody in the complaint has said anything about Christ Church or Doug Wilson. He wants to make this personal.” Now keep in mind that the people that Curley is representing in the complaint are Charlie Nolan, Dustin Bauer, and Joseph Hansen. So let us modify Mr. Curley’s statement to state explicitly what he directly implies. “Charlie Nolan has said nothing about Christ Church or Doug Wilson. [Wilson] wants to make this personal.” I understand how it might be difficult for someone to keep track of all the activities of Charlie Nolan directed against Christ Church and against me, whether using Charlie’s own name and otherwise, but still, it would seem important for an attorney not to make statements like this. Please note that Mr. Curley is now on the record as maintaining that Charlie Nolan has nothing personal driving him, and further, that he has “said nothing” against Christ Church or against me. It seems to me that Mr. Curley is being paid to offer legal counsel and expertise, which means he is being paid not to make demonstrably false statements like this. Charlie Nolan is the assembler of hundreds of pages of charges against me and the church, circulator of said pages around the nation, webmeister of scurrilous assaults, and if pseudomyns were false noses, he would have to keep them all in labeled boxes. Mr. Curley, if he does not know all that has gone on, would be wise to do some checking. If he does know what has transpired, I cannot imagine what would motivate him to make a statement like that.

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