So That’s How It Happens . . .

“But Christmas is not a ‘trouble-free’ season. We want the scrooges and grinches in our lives to be transformed by gentle snowfall, silver bells, beautifully arranged evergreens, hot cider, and carols being sung in the middle distance. But what happens when you gather together with a bunch of other sinners, and all of them have artificially inflated expectations? What could go wrong?” (God Rest Ye Merry, p. 98).

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Ha! What could go wrong, indeed. One thing that really helps me is to be in a state of receiving, receiving a Savior, receiving all the excitement and anticipation of the season, and receiving the blessings of family in all it’s dysfunction. I think many of us focus too much on giving, “we want the scrooges and grinches to be transformed.” Trying to receive them as Christ received us, is a lot more peaceful and joyous.


…. Jeremy Clarkson couldn’t have said it better

Ted Robinson
Ted Robinson

Honesty hurts at times. It can, although help us all reset expectations.

Rob Steele
Rob Steele

What could go wrong. Did you see that Elon Musk wants to make “good” robots to kill evil robots? “Good” in scare quotes because he seems not to notice the evil inside himself that must unavoidably leak out into his creations. They’ll end up having to destroy the earth to save it.


Snow for snow ball fights!