SCOTUS and Throckmorton, Two Hot Takes, Sorry About That, I Know It’s Early

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Yesterday somebody leaked a draft opinion written by Justice Alito, in which we were given a strong indication that Roe v. Wade was going to be struck down. In response to this, I tweeted the following.

If Roe has been struck down, then glory to God. But sit tight—the unprecedented leak means that we might be watching the outside rings of some unprecedented palace intrigues.

Me, on Twitter last night

Whoever did this was obviously trying to steer something—either to the left or to the right. Whoever it was, it was not a case of simple impatience. If a leftie did it, it would have been a Hail Mary pass, trying to turn the issue into the hottest midterm issue ever. If it was a clerk on the right, it was possibly an attempt to freeze the initial vote—to prevent behind the scenes pressure from causing any justices to buckle. In either case, the person responsible should be disciplined appropriately, and the rest of us should continue on.

The effect of the leak, however, is going to be that of encouraging conservative pro-lifers, and freaking out the left. The overturning of Roe really is a live possibility, and if that happens then abolitionists and smashmouth incrementalists should be able to shake hands and get to work.


So Warren Throckmorton has responded to his ethical dilemma by spewing, and thereby he has made his ethical dilemma a hundred times worse. As you may recall, his ethical dilemma was how he was going to be able to continue to teach at Grove City when his worldview and the worldview of the board of the college were so manifestly out of alignment. That is what his ethical dilemma was. But now that he is outed as working for a college that is owned and operated by clowns, buffoons, Klingons, racists, neo-Confederates, and more, I hate to break it to him but . . .

. . . there are clear and direct links between Warren Throckmorton and that guy out in Idaho. When is he going to clear himself? When is he going to detach himself from his obvious dependence on my international cabal, bwahahaha!

I know, I know. There are no such links, but Throckmorton maintains that there is. So when it he going to show the intellectual integrity of, say, a David Barton, and resign his post? That is the question that thoughtful observers are asking this morning.

And if you made the decision to go dumpster diving in that article I linked to above, and you thought you may have found a package of unopened hot dog buns, I would dissuade you. Leave them there, and let me invite you to our full-orbed Christian worldview BBQ, with Kuyperian brisket. This is a banquet where we all believe the Bible, all of it. This is a repast that fills you up, and

And if you need to have someone explain to you what’s wrong with that package of hot dog buns, I would refer you here. And because this seems like a good time to do it, let me haul out what Eugene Genevose said about my book on the South and slavery. Genevose is one of our premier historians of that period, and Thockmorton is the kind of college professor he was talking about.

“The Reverend Douglas Wilson may not be a professional historian, as his detractors say, but he has a strong grasp of the essentials of the history of slavery and its relation to Christian doctrine. Indeed, sad to say, his grasp is a great deal stronger than that of most professors of American history, whose distortions and trivializations disgrace our college classrooms. And the Reverend Mr. Wilson is a fighter, especially effective in defense of Christianity against those who try to turn Jesus’ way of salvation into pseudo-moralistic drivel.”

Eugene Genovese