Retractions Are Sometimes Challenging

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Last week on Twitter I promised a response to this article by Jessica Hooten Wilson. That promise will need to be adjusted somewhat because of some intervening events. On Saturday evening, a number of the principals had a Zoom meeting which removed some (but not all) of the difficulties.

Unfortunately, as much as I appreciate Wilson’s willingness to correct any errors of fact, the correction was also misleading. The correction linked to above said that I had “retracted” my racist views. This is quite different from the fact that I never had any racist views that needed retraction, and that the booklet in question had condemned racism explicitly.

All of this reminds me somewhat of the opening credits to Monty Python’s Holy Grail. So I will be responding to her revised article on Wednesday, and I will labor mightily to prevent any new errors from creeping into the discussion. And let it please be noted that I do believe that Jessica Hooten Wilson is genuinely seeking to publish in good faith.