Refuse the Benefits First

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Another flap has broken out at the University of North Carolina, where a Christian student organization was denied status as a student organization because they declined to sign a statement that said non-Christians were welcome to be members and officers in the organization. Of course, this has caused something of a hissy fit on the religious right, but something fundamental is being overlooked. Follow the money. The issue is money. The issue is not whether or not Christians students have the right to associate with one another. The issue is whether or not they should be funded in part by student fees.

And this is par for the course. Christians, just like their fellow Americans, have all four feet in the trough. No one dares to get between the hogs and the bucket. We will not have religious liberty (not to mention other kinds of liberty) unless we start refusing the benefits first. If this were a battle in which a group of UNC Christian students were fighting for their right to refuse university funding, this would be a story worth caring about. As it is, it is just another example that shows Christians don’t think any differently than their secular counterparts. To paraphrase a great writer, everybody thinks that the government is a giant milch cow with 250 million teats.

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