NQNQ, RBI Stats, MVP, and the Expansion of NATO

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Actually, this is not about NATO at all.

One of our post-November traditions is to give you all a peek at some of what was happening behind the scenes during the jollity that we have come to know as November.


So this was our quinquennial year of doing this November thing. That’s a fancy way of saying that NQN has just graduated pre-school, and ready to start its academic career in earnest. Next year, maybe even some footnotes! Or mayhap, footnotes suitable for a first-grader. But don’t get your hopes up.

Stats on the Burning Room

So one of the things we do is kick off the month by burning something. To date we have burned a couch, a field, a Ford pick-up, a boat, and now a study. The pressing problem, of course, is what we are going to do next year, but something fitting and combustible always seems to come up.

This year we had 133K views of our “this-is-fine” video, significantly up from the splashes that previous videos made. And given how Kanye is now talking, this video is looking less like a publicity stunt, and more like a dark proleptic vision for 2023.

Moving Content Down the Road

This month saw the first Canon book to break the Amazon Top 100 list. The Case for Christian Nationalism made it up to #84. Many thanks to all the folks who made that happen, friend and foe alike.

We created the option of gifting Canon+ subscriptions, and you all rose to the challenge, with more than $80K worth of Canon+ subscriptions were gifted to others. And this is not counting the thousands of NQNQ subscribers.

We gave away a pile of Canon Press Kindles—56,427 of them to be exact. If you take an average of 7 clams per title, that is $400K worth given away. So that was a bunch of fun. And as many of you know, not only does Canon give away e-content, we also do the same here at our little Mablog Shoppe—and we were able to give away between 6 and 7 thousand titles. In addition to that, scarcely to be believed, in a fit of madness I gave away an MP3 of one of my old recorded songs, and in about 500 other fits of madness, a bunch of you obtained it for yourselves. It is even possible that some of you listened to it.

Ah, well. Eleven months until the next round.